Consultation, manual therapy, trigger point massage, therapeutic ultrasound, shockwave, nerve mobilization, rehabilitation exercise

Chiropractic Treatment

Consultation, physiotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, traction therapy,  ultrasound therapy, interferential therapy (IFT),  neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), shockwave, rehabilitation exercise

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Consultation, acupuncture, cupping therapy, Gua Sha, moxibustion, herbal mud-moxibustion, Tianjiu, bloodletting therapy, auriculotherapy, plum-blossom needle

Exercise Stretching Massage

Myofascial release & massage, exercise

Medical Consultation Service

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Which group do you belong to?

Mobile Phone Group

Prolonged use of mobile phone

Common conditions: neck, shoulder, elbow pain

E-sports group

Long periods of staring at screens and use of mouse or controllers

Common conditions: neck, shoulder, back, wrist, finger pain

Cross-leg-sitting group

Tend to adopt the cross legged positiom when sitting

Common conditions: low back, calf pain

High heel group

For the lovers of all high heels

Common conditions: low back, knee, calf pain

Office group

Long hours of being static or sitting poor postures

Common conditions: neck, shoulder, back pain

Prolonged standing group

Prolonged standing due to work without regular rests in between

Common conditions: low back, knee, calf pain

Labour group

Often lifting or bending down, moving large objects

Common conditions: neck, shoulder, arm, back, knee pain

Sports enthusiast group

Love exercise, but over-training

Common conditions: Muscle soreness

Injury group

Those who either have a chronic or new injury, such as sports, falls, accident etc.

Common conditions: injured body parts

Student group

Primary or secondary school students who carry heavy backpacks everyday.

Common conditions: neck, shoulder, back, knee pain

Parenting group

Parents with young or newborn babies, carrying, moving and suffering with insufficient sleep and mental stress

Common conditions: neck, shoulder, arm, chest, back pain

Elderly group

No longer as agile as they use to be, may be suffering with mobility issues or difficulties walking.

Common conditions: back, lower limb pain

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