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Exercise, Stretching & Massage

Pain treatment

The causes of pain are often complicated. Different causes can affect each other and form a vicious circle, making pain conditions difficult to resolve. The stretch therapist will use a unique stretching technique to relax the myofascia of the muscular system through passive stretching combined with a press or twist technique. The treatment will improve flexibility, reduce tightness and relieve painful and fatigued muscles.


About Stretching

  • Stretching does not only target the muscles, but the myofascia that surrounds and connects the muscles

  • Stretching Targets each joint specifically and looks at stretching within different angles 

  • The direction and types of stretches will depend on the range of motion of each joint


Ballistic Stretching

Stretching the muscles whilst incorporating a light bouncing movement to improve range of motion.

Dynamic Stretching

Stretching the muscles within a controlled movement up to limit of the range of movement of each joint, to improve range of motion and flexibility.

Active Stretching

Stretching the muscles in a static posture with the counter movement and contraction of other muscles, and does not utilize any assistive devices.

Static Stretching

Stretching the muscles in a static posture for 10-20 seconds and then relaxing the muscles to gain improved static flexibility.

Isometric Stretching

Stretching the muscles with the use of a counter static reactive force, e.g. floor and wall.

Passive Stretching

Stretch therapist will help stretch the muscles without any exertion from the patient, the patient is in a relaxed position and this will help relieve muscle tiredness and soreness.

Zen Ring (Japanese technique)

Zen Ring is mainly used in stretching and massage, especially for clients with tight shoulders and back, the aim is to relax the myofascia as well as the muscles.


Four effects of Zen Ring:

1. Relax myofascia

2. Maintain normal body axis
3. Improve flexibility
4. Deep muscle massage

Post treatment, the effects are improved blood and lymphatic circulation, enhanced peristalsis and stimulates excretion of excess toxins and water within the muscles and joints.

Common conditions:

  • Headache

  • Stiff neck and shoulder

  • Back pain

  • Lower limb tightness

Common conditions:

  • Frozen shoulder / adhesive capsulitis

  • Scoliosis

  • Abnormal pelvic position

  • Sciatica

  • Knee Valgus / Knee Varus

Exercise, Stretching & Massage

  • Strengthening and stretching

  • Myofascial release massage

  • Zen Ring Stretching

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